What does hosting involve

What does hosting involve

Being a host family is like travelling without leaving the comfort of home. Open your doors to invite our kind students in from all over the world. Sharing stories, cultures and ideas to inspire and expand horizons.


Our students are travelling to Willingham from all over the world to experience the the British culture, perfect their English and meet with the country and its people.

Therefore you play an important role in our student’s time here.

Being a host family is enriching your whole family with worldwide friendship and a good way to learn more about the worlds culture that we live among.


Everyone can become a host family or parent, all you need is a spare room and enjoying sharing your home, space and time.


To find out more about being a host family and decide if it something you would like to go ahead with, download and read the handbook.

Find more information about applying and the process of becoming a host family by clicking here

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