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Academic English

Language proficiency encouraged by means of exploring academic texts

Our Academic English teaching aims to improve your understanding of the structure and language used in different types of English academic texts.

We will be teaching you how to use English in order to express and support your ideas, in a way that will be appropriate for academic study.

Content of the Academic English course

The content is organised as follows:

Reading and writing

Listening and speaking

Discourse, syntax and lexis

Research methods

Requests for English tuition in general, or in relation to a specific subject

You can choose to study Academic English as part of your English studies, taking place in the mornings of a typical week at CMC. If you have a particular focus you would like to concentrate on, such as English for the study of maths, or the study of science, then let us know.

Contact us

Use our contact form to enquire about the possibilities for studying Academic English at CMC, and how it can help you on your academic path, whether that includes further study in the UK, or whether you plan to return home after your time with us.

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