Academic Programme

A Levels

Known as the General Certificate of Education Advanced Level. A levels are a school leaving certificate offered by examination boards in the UK. A Levels are generally worked towards over two years. In the UK A-levels are usually taken after successful completion of a previous level of course, such as GCSEs. Students select three-four subjects that really interest them and facilitate progression. We offer a wide range of A level subjects in three academic disciplines, viz: Humanities, Sciences and the Arts. Obtaining A Level or equivalent qualifications is generally required for university entrance.


The International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) is an English language based examination similar to GCSE and is recognized in the United Kingdom as being equivalent to the GCSE for the purposes of recognising prior attainment. Students need to undertake this qualification or the equivalent in order to progress to higher qualifications such as A Level


A Foundation programme offers a pathway between international students’ current qualifications and UK university undergraduate entry. They are designed to consolidate and expand academic knowledge and terminology, improve a student’s level of English, introduce British culture and study methods in preparation for university.

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